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  • Irrespective of whether you are rich or poor, when you lose a loved one, the pain is the same. To watch my child suffer and die because of an incurable disease while I am unable to do anything is truly sad. But if there is treatment available which can save my child, and I am unable to save my child because I can’t afford it — and can only helplessly sit by and watch my child die — that is unimaginably tragic.

GenericPlus is more than just selling medicines. We believe that every citizen (rich and poor) has every right to access quality medicines at affordable prices and live a dignified life. If not, quality healthcare will remain the privilege of the rich.  

The founding members of GenericPlus have very strong roots in the social space and a deep understanding of the pain points of the poor in accessing quality medicines. We have experienced financial difficulties in procuring high cost medicines for orphan, under privileged children and the poorest of the poor people.

Thus, GenericPlus was born with an urge to deliver quality and affordable medicines to the needy consumer. The revenues from GenericPlus will be shared to support the medically challenged and under-privileged children who are the future of our nation.  GenericPlus growth story will directly complement long term sustainability of several social programs under its wings.



We truly believe that we can grow, only if we are able to work closely with our partners and our suppliers. We care and understand their point of view


We are committed to the cause both from our heart and our head. We are driven by our passion of mutual help.


Honesty, fairness, openness and transparency is the key in everything we undertake

Customer Focused

We believe in treating our partners and suppliers the way we’d want to be treated. Customer focus is in the heart of our delivery model.


“Deliver high-quality low-cost generic medicines to the consumer”


Mahesh Jadhav

Founder & CEO

Mahesh began his journey of impacting people’s lives with Mahesh Foundation. An NGO which is dedicated in giving life and dignity to HIV Positive Orphans. The Foundation provides healthcare, nutrition and education to these children. Along with this the Foundation also provides nutrition and education to the under-privileged children.

Mahesh has now embarked upon a journey in GenericPlus – an affordable alternative to branded medicines that is equally effective. He strongly believes that this will bring about a change in the way people access quality and affordable medicines.

GenericPlus is socially driven organisation. Mahesh is committed to share the revenues for a social cause. His mission is to touch the poor. Mahesh was conferred with a national award by the President of India. He is a TED speaker and an INK Fellow. Mahesh continues to inspire millions of youth.

Sharat Kumar


Sharat had a thriving and a very successful career in an International Development Organisation. But all the luxuries and fat tax free salaries could not fulfil his desires to make a real difference in people’s lives and live a life with purpose.

He quit his job, moved back to his hometown Belgaum where he crossed roads with Mahesh. Both their ideas and interests aligned and most importantly both were driven by the same exact purpose – making an impact in people’s lives.

Having worked in several corporates, Sharat has an extensive skill experience in management, HR and operations. This experience will enable GenericPlus to grow to newer heights

Anil Bhosle

Cheif Supply Chain Officer

Anil is a pharma domain expert. HE has over two decades experience in procurement and supply chain management. He started his career dispensing medicines and has grown to senior positions managing complex pharma operations.

His hands on real life experiences directly contributes to a better understanding of managing the Franchise operations.

Anil shares Mahesh’s and Sharat’s vision to impact people’s lives and is a valuable asset in taking the mission of GenericPlus forward


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